It’s Not Over

U.S. Helps Fight in Iraqi Attack

U.S. combat operations in Iraq may be over, but the violence is not. In broad daylight Sunday, suicide bombers and armed insurgents stormed the Baghdad headquarters of Iraq's army, claiming at least 18 lives and injuring 39 others. American troops joined the battle, providing “suppressive fire while [Iraqi] soldiers located the two terrorists that entered the compound,” according to a military spokesman, though no U.S. troops were among the casualties. The U.S. also contributed helicopters, aerial drones, and other aides to the Iraqis, a sign that the country’s military is still heavily reliant on U.S. guidance and supplies. Officially, Operation Iraqi Freedom ended in August, but 50,000 American troops were left behind in order to “advise and assist brigades,” such as the ones who joined in this battle.