Was Uchitel Tiger's Fixer?

Rachel Uchitel is famous now for being Tigers Woods’ purported mistress No. 1, but might she have been much more than that to the golf star? A VIP concierge who has worked with Uchitel says “Rachel Uchitel works for Tiger the minute he gets off the plane wherever he is: from dinner, to photos, to nightclubs, to drugs, to girls—whatever he wants.” Deadspin writes, “Uchitel’s main job was to provide women for Tiger during his globetrotting excursions.” The concierge estimates that Tiger kept her on retainer for about $10,000-15,000 per month to handle his dirty business, and that Uchitel would fly girls in from Los Angeles to parties in Vegas for men like Tiger. Apparently, another purported mistress—Kalika Moquin—played a similar role. The lesson, Deadspin says, is “Athletes have utilized the VIP service to engage in their affairs (and meet possible mistresses) for the sake of (supposed) privacy, philandering without the hassle of having to do any work themselves to land these women.”