WH: Pence and Hillary Emails ‘Light Years’ Different

The White House is defending Vice President Mike Pence over reports that he used a personal AOL email account for government business while he served as governor of Indiana. The account was also reportedly hacked last summer. Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday, principal deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders said the controversy is “light years” different than Hillary Clinton’s email setup. “Number one he was a governor, he wasn’t a federal employee, which means the laws are different. It’s subject to Indiana law not federal law,” Sanders said. “Second he’s a governor which means he wasn’t handling classified info like she was, and third all of his emails he turned over specifically to be archived, which is why anybody even knows about the account.” She added: “He did everything to the letter of the law in Indiana, turned all of his emails over, unlike Hillary Clinton who lost at least 30,000, who knows how many more, had a private server, classified information which he didn’t have. That’s apples to oranges comparison.”