Constantino Diaz-Duran is a freelance journalist based in New York. He is writing a book about the year he recently spent traveling across the USA, asking people what it means to be an American. He walked from New York to  Alabama, where he spent five months working construction, and later rode Greyhound buses out to California and back home to New York. More at

Just six weeks after Chile's miraculous rescue, 29 miners are trapped underground in New Zealand. Constantino-Diaz Duran reports on the eerie similarities—and the life-or-death differences.

Jailed for using fake documents in Missouri, a Guatemalan mother entrusted her son to her sister—and he was taken away and adopted by strangers. Encarnación Romero tells her harrowing story to Constantino Diaz-Duran.

As mayor, Sergio Fajardo turned around Medellin, and now he’s set his sights on Colombia’s highest office. He tells Constantino Diaz-Duran why he’s for legalizing drugs—and why Obama should take some cues from Clinton.

He had no weapon and committed no violent act, yet he's charged with killing his friend. Constantino Diaz-Duran on the controversial law that could send a Florida teen away for 50 years.