Matt Miller is the host of public radio’s popular week-in-review program “Left, Right & Center,” and the author of The Tyranny of Dead Ideas: Revolutionary Thinking For A New Age Of Prosperity.

After a year in office, Obama still hasn’t moved America beyond dead ideas on health care, financial markets, and taxes. Matt Miller on the need for new thinking.

The Senate deal that’s killed the public option isn’t cause for tears. Matt Miller on why the left’s dream of universal coverage is finally within reach—and what the Democrats need to do next.

When Democrats can't even agree to debate the health care bill, the president is no longer in charge of his party. Matt Miller on why Obama needs to crack the whip.

It’s the latest GOP attack: Obama’s plan will force the young and healthy to subsidize the old and sick. But, Matt Miller writes, big corporations are already doing just that.

As House leaders push to pass health-care reform, a major political headache looms: The bill’s impact won’t be felt until long after already anxious voters go to the polls in 2010.

Health care's public-option “trigger” is great news for liberals and conservatives alike, writes former Clinton aide Matt Miller, because it gives both groups exactly what they want.

Once the party of fiscal sanity, the Republicans are now wailing that the Democrats' health-care plan cheats seniors out of money. Matt Miller on how they scare grandma.

Obama’s plan isn’t winning over the 85 percent of Americans who already have insurance, The Daily Beast’s Matt Miller writes. But the big loser of the 2004 campaign has a great idea.