11 Best Olympic Bloopers

Even the most graceful of athletes fumble. WATCH VIDEO of the best Olympian bloopers, from a bobsledder’s wardrobe malfunction to Bode Miller’s acrobatic near-wipeout.

AP Photo

Bode Miller Loses a Ski

Bode Miller is unquestionably a great skier, even if he’s been known to have a beer or three before skiing. He’s even managed to get by on a single ski from time to time. But the true mark of a great athlete is maintaining equilibrium even after slamming into a gate.

Gillian Cooke’s Bobsled Boo-Boo

You can thank Brit Gillian Cooke for making bobsledding cool for the first time since Cool Runnings came out in 1993. The athlete split her spandex suit while gearing up for a run in the 2010 World Championships in Switzerland, captured here in all of its mildly NSFW video glory.

Dan Jansen Wipes Out, Comes Back

Dan Jansen’s wipeout is best enjoyed years later, when you can feel safe in the knowledge that the speed skater went on to obtain the richly deserved gold medal he had promised his dying sister he would win. Crying? Who, us? No, it’s just… seasonal allergies. Olympic seasonal allergies.

Weightlifter Dislocates Elbow (WARNING: NOT FOR THE QUEASY)

The next time someone asks you why you don’t lift weights, don’t make up an excuse about how “busy” you are—direct them to this video. And make sure they watch the whole thing.

Ice Skaters Fall. Over and Over. And Over.

There are two reasons to watch figure skating: One, to admire the athleticism, coordination, and beauty of athletes at the top of their form. And two, to watch people in spandex costumes fall down to cheesy ballads. This video is for people who prefer the latter category.

Pole Jumper Hits Pole, Guys Everywhere Wince

This poor Olympic pole jumper didn’t quite clear the bar, landing him in a world of pain. Yeowch.

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Gymnasts Don’t Always Stick It

Gymnastics, much like ice-skating, tends to gather an audience of schadenfreude enthusiasts who are just waiting for someone to fall. And someone always falls. Need proof? Check out this compilation of gymnastic wipeouts from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

There’s the Occasional Civilian Casualty, Too!

Wiping out during the Olympics is embarrassing enough, but imagine how bad you would feel if you brought down a bystanding coach while you were at it.

BMXers Go Bye Bye

Continuing the fine cycling tradition of racking up mass casualties in a fall, this compilation quite handily shows how when one BMXer goes down, half their competitors go down, too. Yay, teamwork!

Apollo Oh No!

Honestly, when watching speed skating, you have to wonder how they manage to stay even remotely upright, like, ever.

Hermann Maier Courts Death in Nagano

We don’t know what’s more impressive—that skier Hermann Maier actually walked away from his spectacular wipeout in Nagano in 1998 on his own two feet, or that he managed to snag a gold medal a few days later. Here’s to all the Olympians who wipe out and get up over and over again.

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