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11 More Epic Anchor Flubs (Video)

An escalating feud with the weather lady in Philly, expletive-filled rants, and Fox News’ astonishing slip after bin Laden’s death. Watch what happens when the pros go off-script.

Boom Goes the Dynamite

This video’s YouTube description pretty much says it all: “The worst sports guy in the history of the world!” But without our feckless friend from Ball State University’s sportscasting squad, we would’ve been deprived of the epic catchphrase that now echoes from middle-school playgrounds to the hallowed halls of ESPN.

Weather Forecast Gets Hot and Heavy

Oh, the joys of green-screen technology! This weatherman gets a little aroused... er, excited to predict the path of a tropical storm.

Sue Simmons Drops an F-Bomb

The longtime local news anchor made a classic mistake in 2008. Thinking she was off-air, Simmons cursed at her reportedly distracted co-anchor, Chuck Scarborough. Hey, at least her salty language accompanied video of a cruise ship. Maybe Simmons was channeling her inner sailor?

Shepard Smith, J.Lo, and Oral Sex

Now we know what’s on this Fox Newsman’s mind. While introducing a segment on Jennifer Lopez’s hit “Jenny From the Block,” Smith accidentally replaced the word “block” with something starting with the same two letters but ending a little less PG.

‘I Pledge Allegiance to the Fag’

It’s obvious what this anchor meant to say, but it just came out so wrong. Especially since he was about to mention an LGBT Pride Festival.

Gay People Can Climb Everest, Too

It’s a problem we all encounter at some point, calling someone gay when we mean to say blind. No, wait, that definitely never, ever happens. Except to this poor soul.

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Putting the Wild in Wildlife

Reporting on animals can be fun, thrilling, and cute. When those animals attack terrified correspondents, it’s still fun, thrilling, and cute, but mostly for us watching at home. (Don’t worry, no one in this compilation actually gets hurt.)

A Different Kind of Catfight

This feud between news anchor and weather woman is one for the ages. From passive-aggressive snark to more direct derision, these two ladies enjoy a relationship that’s frostier than a Wendy’s dessert.

‘Lessons on How to Become a Reporter’

Speaking of collegial conflict, this report goes south when the studio anchor questions his correspondent’s capabilities, essentially accusing him of incompetence. Then things just devolve into two angry men.

Obama Announces His Own Death

At least that’s how Fox News had it following the president’s address on the killing of Osama bin Laden. We get it, the two names sound the same. But don’t you think you’d be more careful at a time like this? (Honest mistake or Murdoch minion Freudian slip? You decide.)


A Truly Epic Tirade

On this particular morning, respected newsman Bill Bonds must not have eaten his Wheaties. Watch him unleash a magnificent, expletive-ridden rant—and be grateful for the Internet, where this harangue will live forever.