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11 News Anchor Flubs: Tom Brokaw on Ambien, Weather Penis, and More

Being on live television isn’t easy. Just ask Ron Burgundy. From Tom Brokaw’s Ambien ride to a North Dakota anchor with the mouth of a sailor, see anchor snafus.

Bill O’Reilly Does It Live

Everyone knows Bill O’Reilly is an angry person, so it wasn’t really surprising to see this video from back in the day with a luxurious head of hair shouting about how he doesn’t understand things and that they suck.

Curse of the Rookies

On the North Dakota NBC affiliate, it seems they should have waited just a couple more seconds before starting the broadcast. Before his partner even says “Good evening,” Anchor A.J Clemente mutters under his breath: “Fucking shit.” After that, he seems to even out a little bit, but he’s clearly nervous.

Freud Would Have Had a Field Day

In a segment detailing a construction project, anchor Siobhan Riley draws a massive penis onto the screen beside her. Either it was unintentional or she is the smoothest trickster ever, because she never reacts to it. In fact, she doesn’t even look at it. But nobody can look at that diagram and think about anything other than an impressively sized phallus.

Reporters Can’t Stomp Grapes

A reporter for a Fox affiliate is stomping grapes for a story when she accidentally puts her foot on the edge of the bucket and flips forward, out of the bucket and off of the wooden platform that it was standing on. And though the camera never turns to the fallen woman, the microphone nonetheless captures her pained moans and groans.

Tom Brokaw on Ambien

Tom Brokaw accidentally took half an Ambien before going on Morning Joe, and it’s pretty clear that something’s up. While everyone else is focused on the hosts, Brokaw is just kind of looking around wherever. Oh, and his speech is pretty slurred.

Birds Pooping? Don’t Look Up.

While covering a bird infestation, a reporter gets pooped on. He laughs it off and says “I guess I should have seen that one coming,” so one has to wonder why his next move was to look up at the birds immediately above him with his mouth open. What happens next is exactly what you’d expect.

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Anderson Cooper’s Giggle Fit

Pun after pun after pun. Hearing a grown man say, “That made me giggle” and then completely fall apart (to the point of tears) is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Bonus: Anderson Cooper Loses It While Being Lectured On Losing It

While Cooper was talking about “prancercize” on another instance of The Ridiculist, Wolf Blitzer interrupted to give him advice on “aging gracefully as a newsman.” While Blitzer stayed completely stoic, Cooper couldn’t contain himself, especially when Blitzer started criticizing him on just that tendency.

Testing, Testing… Wait, Am I On?

Live from a deadly crash in Grand Rapids, a reporter sets himself up for the camera, apparently unaware that he is already being broadcasted for an intro sequence. But after his short, awkward moment, it cuts to the next segment, where they can’t help but laugh at what they just saw.

Stephen Colbert Breaks Character

Stephen Colbert’s commitment to his character is nothing short of breathtaking. He has kept up the pseudo-façade of serious conservatism (only conservatives actually believe he’s serious) for more than eight years, but every once in a while he loses it just a bit. Not the conservatism, but the seriousness. Here, after receiving a contribution from Arab viewer Suq Madiq (say it out loud), he tells a couple of jokes that even he can’t get through without falling apart.

Serene Branson Has A Migraine Mid-broadcast

While the video says that reporter Serene Branson had a stroke during her coverage of the Grammys, that’s not what happened. It would also not be something to laugh over. In reality, she had a serious migraine, which is definitely unfortunate but not quite so life threatening. She was soon back to normal.

Keep what-ing that chicken?

The best thing about this video is the facial expression made by the man's co-anchor. When Ernie Anastos says, "Keep fucking that chicken" (and I mean... what?!), the guy he says it to just rolls with it, perhaps having blanked out the fact that someone told him to continue his intercourse with a fowl, but the look on his partner's face makes it very clear she heard what he said and there are some very dark thoughts going on behind those wide eyes.