12-Year-Old Lebron James Jr.’s Crazy Dunk During Pick Up Game

Lebron James Jr. aka Bronny is already being watched by Duke and Kentucky and here’s why.

Lebron James’ oldest son, 12-year-old Bronny, is a chip off the old block. After seeing a group of kids playing basketball in their driveway Friday, Bronny decided to join in on the action.

In the short clip, we see that the young prodigy knows his way around the court pretty well.

After showing off his dribbling and passing skills, Bronny easily dunks on his opponent.

Everyone watching goes wild and he honestly makes it look easy.

It reminds us of the beautiful poster-worthy dunk from Lebron during his time with the Miami Heat.

With Bronny already being well-known on Youtube for his dribbling skills, it’s not surprising that Duke and Kentucky have already started to scout Bronny at just 12 years old.

It is too soon to tell but Bronny may be a force to be reckoned with in the future.