13 Revelations From Reddit’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Thread Exposing Alleged Industry Secrets

From the MTV VMAs to UPS, here are the craziest industry secrets on Reddit’s “Dirty Little Secrets” thread.


“I’m a celebrity event photographer in Hollywood. Most of the smaller award shows winners like the MTV VMAs, Teen Choice Awards, etc. ... already know they are going to win. This motivates the talent to come to the event. During the show they are backstage talking with friends and take a seat during a commercial break just before their award is announced. The few exceptions are the Oscars and Golden Globes, where the audience is mostly celebrities.”


“The process creates an enormous environmental problem; using toxic chemicals which are flushed into our sewers along with those pureed livers, hearts, spleens, pancreas’ which then also flow into our sewers. Oh, what’s that? I told you embalming is a legal requirement for public sanitation? That’s utter bullshit. If anything, it creates a sanitation problem if the cemetery you use is anywhere near a municipal water line, which most 'commercial' cemeteries are."


"So as a bookstore employee I spent hours ripping the front and back covers off of books, then tearing the book at least in half so that no one could read it later. The covers get sent back to the publishers, and the books that could have been donated to a library or school get put in a locked recycling container out back. A manager had to come back and check my work to make sure the books were not left intact."


"Writing fragile on your package means nothing. Your package WILL get thrown around, dropped, and beaten up; if it is breakable then according to our guidelines for properly packaged items it needs to withstand 1000lbs of pressure and a 4ft drop. UPS capital claims is terrible as well they will do whatever they can to not pay you the amount you insure your package for."


"Former Fed Ex employee here. The people who actually handle your packages are more or less slave laborers. NO ONE cares if you packages says fragile or has special instructions. Most of the time the workers hate their jobs so much they throw your box on purpose or stomp on it to make it fit in the trailer."


"If you involve the media in any process of a foreclosure, the banks will most likely sit down and become way more reasonable. Tried to evict a guy who hadnt paid his mortgage in a few years. Every day we showed up, a local news camera was there. Always cancelled the eviction."

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"Worked for an international Christian charity in a third-world country, and now I work for a Fortune 500 company. Pretty much all that money raised goes to the upper management. The CEOs of charities live as lavishly and expensively as the CEOs of the stereotypically big evil greedy megacorporations we all love to hate."


"In training with a summer daycamp, we got to the part where they teach us to deal with evidence of child abuse. If a child says anything to us, they go through a whole process of repeating their story to our supervisors and we make a phone call to the government and everything. That's nice. But until the government gets three separate phone calls about the same child/parent, they don't actually send anyone to investigate. Sorry kid, you gotta get raped or beaten up or neglected three or more times and tell three different people before we'll send someone to check things out. It makes me sick."


"The suppliers of big pet store chains like Petsmart and Petco are horrid for the animals. They're nothing but breeding factories, churning out as many animals as possible with no thought to their health. A large majority of our animal shipments came in sick, dehydrated, or dead. Animals were often left in the back "sick room" with little if any veterinary care. We once had a greek tortoise with a respiratory infection languish for 6 MONTHS back there, barely eating anything at all before someone finally took her to the vet and had her put down. I adopted many animals during my 3 years there, including a cordon blue finch that had caught her leg in cage wiring, snapping in half at the ankle, and a gerbil that came in with no eyes and a horrible break in his leg. They would have otherwise sat in a small dark cage their whole lived never being offered up for sale."


"Millions—and I mean millions—of your tax dollars are absolutely, totally, wasted and/or stolen from United States embassies by almost everyone involved in any number of ways. Actual theft of property, actual theft of money, embezzlement, frequent extravagant parties, travel expenses, etc etc."


"I've seen environmental atrocities that were completely unnecessary. The one that gets me the most is the El Dorado Chemical Plant. Their hydrogen sulfide plant blew a crater in the ground a year ago. Their ammonium nitrate plant has high concentrate corrosive chemicals dripping from above, nearly pure flakes of ammonium nitrate snowing down (also quite unpleasant on the skin) and ammonia gas spewing into the stairway at the first floor. This strucutral death trap is literally rotting to pieces. It does no good to report issues, they refuse to fix anything. Safety and environmental inspectors must be paid quite well to to look the other way. There is a strict no photograph rule, and you have to sign a waiver to enter. The kicker....Monsanto owns the plant."


"Many private label/no-name brands are the exact same product as the branded ones. This isn't true for everything, but is often true for dairy, snack foods, over-the-counter medication, and pet food. Brands that already have massive market share like Coke generally won't supply private label. But many consumables literally roll off the same line and into a different box. EDIT: Source - I used to work with a monster retailer. I won't name them, but hopefully you'll find this information of great value."


"I work in the fashion industry in newyork. We sell our dresses for 3-4 grand. We pull the designs for the dresses from shutter stock. This is industry wide."