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6 Wackiest Moments From Beast TV’s

From John McCain’s love affair to a singing Jon Voight, six laugh-out-loud clips from Beast TV at the RNC.

Another Actor Vs. Obama

Step aside, Clint Eastwood: you’re not the only Hollywood legend with a conservative political opinion to share. At a sitdown with Beast TV, Jon Voight had some choice words about the media’s convention coverage and took on Daily Beast columnist Michelle Goldberg after she said Republicans had ”fled the reality-based community.”

Them’s Fightin’ Words

Ann Coulter didn’t hold back. On Beast TV’s live roundtable, the fiery pundit called Obama’s campaign tactics “dirty”—and said Mitt Romney’s not dirty enough. “He’s Mr. Clean Mormon whose strongest drink is chocolate milk,” she said.

Giuliani on Akin’s Rape Gaffe

Rudy Giuliani had no idea what Todd Akin was thinking when Akin mentioned “legitimate rape”. What the former New York City mayor does know: “Akin should not teach biology.”

Meghan McCain to Geraldo: Lay Off My Dad

They came out swingin’. Beast TV’s roundtable took a trip back to the 2008 election when Daily Beast contributor Meghan McCain sparred with Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera over her father’s opinions on immigration reform. Oh, and they also talked about Arizona’s immigration law.

John McCain’s Love Affair With The Beast

Aw, shucks, Senator! Former presidential candidate John McCain let his emotions flow freely on the Beast TV set, telling us how much he loves The Daily Beast—“even if there are some jerks working for it.” McCain said he likes the extra attention from younger viewers and of course likes that his daughter is a part of our team.

Jon Voight Sings the Night Away

Actor Jon Voight wasn’t done after he called Michelle Goldberg “shorty” and “that girl.” He came back for one final curtain call, and sang a duet with Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s John Avlon for a performance no one will ever forget.