65-Year-Old Linda Rodin Named the Newest Model for The Row

Linda Rodin has had a diverse career in fashion—model, stylist, beauty entrepreneur. But she isn’t done yet. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have picked her as the newest face of The Row.

Paola+Murray PAMU

A self-proclaimed Italophile and a lover of simplicity, the effortlessly chic Linda Rodin has captivated an entire community of beauty lovers and fashion insiders with her skincare line and unique street style. She has been a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar, styled the likes of Madonna and Gisele Bündchen, and created a cult following with her body oils.

The former model began her skincare line, Rodin, about six years ago in an attempt to make something unique and personal that worked just for her. “I bought all the oils that I liked and just started mixing them together in a cup,” she told The Daily Beast. “It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Then I started bringing them to photo shoots, and all of the make-up artists and models loved it.”

It wasn’t long before Rodin’s nephew suggested that the oils should be marketed. The result was Olio Lusso, a blend of eleven essential oils derived from flowers and botanicals. The face oil rapidly attracted a cult following and became a favorite among the fashion elite, including fashion designers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

So, it’s no surprise that the design duo tapped Rodin to be one of the newest look book models for their high-end fashion line, The Row. Their ability to combine personal eccentricity with vintage fashions to produce effortlessly chic looks is right on par with Rodin’s own aesthetic.

“I think I just really fit the bill for them,” Rodin said. “They’re so revolutionary, and I felt that they just really understand what they want as far as their fashion—and they wanted it on older women. It’s a flattering thing coming from them because they are so stylish and ahead of the curve. I felt honored to do it.”

The Row, which launched in 2007, was a departure for the Olsen sisters, who established their careers at a young age as television and movie actresses. Their entrance into the fashion world was tightly calculated, and, by the time they debuted their collection at New York Fashion Week in Fall 2010, it was one of the most critically well-received shows of the season.

The Row has continued to produce highly regarded collections—each one reflecting the twin’s unique personal style and vision. The young, wispy models that have been featured in each runway show and look book have done the same. While Rodin’s natural appearance is a new look for the brand, she’s a much needed, and well received, addition.

“It was great for me. I liked the fact that I looked exactly like myself,” Rodin said of the photos. “It’s good because if people see you in all of these pictures and they’ve been retouched, and then they bump into you at the supermarket they go (gasps) ‘Oh my god! That’s what she really looks like?’”

Rodin is no stranger to the fashion world. After moving to Italy at the age of 18, she modeled for a few years before transitioning into fashion photography, where she worked for photographer Gosta Peterson. “I wasn’t really good at it,” Rodin joked, “so my sister said to me, ‘well you get wonderful clothing, maybe there’s a job finding clothes and someone else can take the pictures.’” As it turns out, “stylist” was a job Rodin never knew existed, but one that was a perfect fit.