Hate Boils Over

8 Raw Middle-East Protest Videos, from Egypt to Israel

The protests that took the life of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens have rapidly spread across the Middle East.


Cairo Protestors Wave al Qaeda’s Flag

On the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, protestors stormed the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and replaced the American flag with al Qaeda’s black and white banner, the Middle East Media Project reports, marking the beginning of the week’s fast-spreading riots.

Egyptian Security Forces Release Tear Gas

Egyptian security forces unleashed tear gas on a crowd of protestors near the American embassy in Cairo on Wednesday, attempting to reign in the chaos, as captured in this video from Russia Today.

Gaza Burns the American Flag

In Gaza on Wednesday, protestors burned American flags, along with photographs of Morris Sadek, an Egyptian-American who promoted the film, as shown in this video from the Associated Press.

Yemeni Protesters Storm American Embassy

Protestors shattered the windows of the U.S. embassy in Sana’a, Yemen on Thursday. In this video from local news outlet Mareb Press, men are shown storming the building, scaling its gates and attacking it with sticks and stones.

Embassy Workers Draw Guns in Yemen

This clip, also from Mareb Press, shows men who appear to be guards standing outside the American embassy. The men’s identities have not been confirmed.

In this second clip, men exit the embassy with handguns aimed at the protesters.

Iranian Students Chant Disapproval of ‘Innocence of Muslims’

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In Tehran on Thursday, students marched outside the Swiss Embassy, which “represents U.S. interests in the country,” according to this video from the Associated Press. Holding posters—mostly of Ayatollah Khomeini, though one placard featured a drawing of a stick man throwing a star of David into a trash can—and banners, the large crowd chanted its disapproval of the anti-Islam film The Innocence of Muslims and burned an American flag.

Israeli Demonstrators’ Protest Peacefully

The Islamic Movement in Israel staged its own protest on Thursday, outside the American embassy in Tel Aviv. This video, also from the Associated Press, captures a small, peaceful gathering, where dozens of demonstrators voice their anger over Muhammad’s depiction in the film The Innocence of Muslims. One sign reads: “USA! your [sic] ridiculous film is an act of hatred to Islam & Muslims.” The group’s spokesman, Zahi Nujeidat, agreed, adding, “This is an insult; not freedom of speech.”