9 Must-Read Stories of Syria’s Tokyo Rose, Missing WMDs and #GamerGate: The Best of The Beast

@PartisanGirl trolls for Assad, Rove covered up news of WMDs in Iraq and why are some gamers so angry? Here’s our best work from this week.

The Kardashian Look-Alike Trolling for AssadBy Noah Shachtman and Michael KennedyMaram Susli calls ISIS an American puppet, compares Nazis to Zionists—and is quickly gaining a global following, including one of MIT’s most storied professors.

Insiders Blame Rove for Covering Up Iraq’s Real WMDBy Eli LakeThere’s one man, some Republicans say, who kept the public from learning about the chemical shells littered around Iraq. He was Bush’s most important political adviser.

Are Over Half the Works on the Art Market Really Fakes?By Tom SykesA new study claims that over 70 percent of artworks for sale are either fakes or misattributions. If that’s true, are galleries and the art-loving very rich being taken for fools?

Bill Maher: Yes, I Can Generalize About MuslimsBy Marlow SternThe outspoken Real Time host dishes on a variety of topics, including his “Flip A District” campaign, the controversy in the wake of his throw down with Ben Affleck over Islam, and more.

In 2005, ‘Iowa Nice’ Ernst Helped to Oust Veterans From Local Board After They Opposed Her CandidacyBy Ben JacobsShe’s built her campaign as the nice lady next door, but Joni Ernst comes from a town that’s more House of Cards than Little House on the Prairie.

The Casual Genius of Jenny Slate: ‘Marcel the Shell,’ ‘Obvious Child,’ and the Ghost of ‘SNLBy Kevin FallonHow do you make everyone forget about cursing on ‘SNL’? You stun critics in a hit indie film. And you charm them with the return of a talking seashell.

Of Gamers, Gates, and Disco Demolition: The Roots of Reactionary RageBy Arthur ChuHow are YouTube videos criticizing sexist video games important enough to threaten a school shooting? Read the #GamerGate tag and realize that underneath the anger is fear.

The Sky Is Not Falling, and Ebola Is Not Out of ControlBy Kent SepkowitzWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You don’t have, and you aren’t going to get, Ebola.

Alan Cumming: The Truth About My FatherBy Tim TeemanIn 2010, the ‘Good Wife’ star received some shocking news about his paternity. He talks candidly about the saga, non-monogamy, assisted suicide, and why he is ‘bored’ of the gay actor debate.