A Master Illustrator of Our Darkest Fears: Marshall Arisman’s Nightmare Exhibition

A ‘medium’ grandmother taught him to spot the midpoint between good and evil. In a New York gallery, a selection of Marshall Arisman’s timeless works depict our macabre reality.

Marshall Arisman

Is it dark enough for you? Maybe want a bit darker?

A new exhibition in New York by illustrator Marshall Arisman shows a selection of timeless drawings and paintings that depict a macabre representation of today’s political climate. Influenced by his grandmother—a psychic medium and minister at an upstate New York spiritual community called Lily Dale—Arisman is said to have picked up the ability to read auras and and was strongly encouraged from childhood “to stand in the place between the angels and the demons.” That advice has clearly guided his work.

His obsession with the morbid and darkness is a unique juxtaposition to his spiritual upbringing in Lily Dale. He is best known professionally for his depictions of Adolf Hitler, and as well as fictional villains like Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter. The School of Visual Arts gallery in Chelsea is exhibiting a retrospective of Arisman’s work throughout his 45-year career, including his recent spiritual body of work alongside his most significant and petrifying editorial illustrations, paintings, and sculptures that express both sides of good and evil.

An Artist’s Journey From Dark to Light runs until Sept. 16.

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