Rolex Madness

A Short Post About Jesse Jackson Jr

Jesse Jackson Jr., a world-class gonif; plus why I don't understand the idea of the $43,000 watch.

I'm going to write this just so our conservative friends can't say I brush these things under the rug. He's clearly a troubled man, but he's also a gonif and a loser, so good riddance to him. All right?

I have no time to defend petty theives on the basis of ideology. If someone gets caught up in something more complicated, and it appears there are extenuating circumstances, or maybe there was prosecutorial overreach, that's one thing. But I try to be pretty evenhanded about these things. I don't mind sex unless it involves ranks hypocrisy. I know we all screw up from time to time. And I am suspicious of prosecutors as a rule.

But JJJ? He's way out there. And he pleaded guilty, so it's not like there's much question.

I've never understood this fixation some people, especially the social striver-parvenu types, have with fancy watches. I view watches as existing to serve a purpose. I wear a Timex. I especially love the way it glows in the dark at the press of a button, so if you're bored in a movie or something, you can check the time quite easily. I looked at Rolexes online once, with the thought of buying one for Christmas for my sister, who'd done me a particularly good turn that year. But (sorry sis) they were out of my price range, even on discount, but even if I'd had the $5,000 or so I think I'd have had difficulty in good conscience in plunking it down on a watch. JJJ owns a $43,000 watch. That's enough to make me question his judgment on all matters. Jesse, once you've done your penance and had a few chats with the Lord and accepted your newly humbled station, may I recommend to you this fine Timex piece. At $53, it's more in line with your coming lifestyle.

UPDATE: My sister checked in to say she read this post and to pronounce herself gratified that I opted for the Prada handbag. She also offers her theory about men and watches, and I have to say it makes sense: "I can't answer it for women, other than another opportunity for styling excess; I have met several [male] investment bankers who "collect" high end watches and I believe it is nothing more than the fact that they have huge wads of cash sitting around and as men, limited opportunity to visibly display the spoils of capitalism -- you can't take your BMW M6 into the restaurant and there actually are limits to the number of vacation houses one can maintain without going insane. $10,000 suits work, an Hermes tie, but only for other people who can recognize a $10,000 suit or an Hermes tie. So Rolexes it is." Spoken like one who knows.