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Adele Dazeem Sings, RT Anchor Quits, and More Viral Videos

From Adele Dazeem to the cutest polar bear cub in the world, take a look at this week's best viral videos.

5. Cookie Monster is Jean Bon-Bon

"Me tummy in despair." Jean Bon-Bon was just a Frenchman is search of a cookie. But then he met get the picture. All you need to know is that Sesame Street made a Les Mis parody.

4. Polar Bear Cub Reveals His Name

The Toronto Zoo polar bear cub has been a fixture of this video blog since he first graced the world with his adorable presence. And of course he has: he's freaking adorable! For his latest trick, he reveals his name.

3. RT Anchor Quits On Air

Liz Wahl couldn't take it anymore. The RT anchor had decided that she could no longer work for the Kremlin-backed television network, which, in her words, "whitewashes the actions of Putin." So she quit on air.

2. Introducing the Great Adele Dazeem

The Oscars had its fair share of awkward moments. But none even came close—not even remotely close—to the disaster that was John Travolta's introduction of Frozen-song-singer Idina Menzel. Somehow (and there needs to be a full-fledged investigation of how this happened), Travolta introduced the songstress as Adele Dazeem. Enjoy.

1. Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel, and The Roots Sing 'Let It Go'

With children's instruments. Enough said.