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Alexander Wang’s Intimate Balenciaga Debut; CNN's War and Fashion Controversy

Alexander Wang’s Intimate Debut: Alexander Wang will make his Balenciaga debut to a markedly smaller audience than is typical of the French house. Scheduled for February 28, his collection will be shown “in an intimate atmosphere,” using a “salon-style format.” The Daily Beast hears that the show could house as few as 50 people. [WWD]

CNN’s War & Fashion Gaffe: Earlier this week, CNN ran a long interactive piece that points out similarities in the work of photographers who cover both wars and fashion shows. “There are photographers who shoot both: battlefields and runways, guns and glamour,” CNN writes, “At first photographing war and fashion appear as incongruous acts…until, perhaps, you take a deeper look.” The story is filled with image splits that contrast photographers’ war pictures with fashion pictures, pointing out their stylistic similarities. Unsurprisingly, many people have taken issue with the article. But the best reaction comes from the Financial Times’s Vanessa Friedman. She writes: “Leaving aside the morality of linking fashion to war, which is ridiculous on every level, the thesis simply doesn’t make sense: of course the photographs look thme sae; good photographers are attracted by shapes, or atmosphere, orents…i momt creates a signature which is individual and recognizable—no matter what the subject.” [CNN] [FT Material World]

Marc Jacobs's Coke Cans: Marc Jacobs’s Diet Coke can designs have been unveiled. The designer’s quirky take on the classic drink includes bows, bright humming birds, and polka dots. Earlier this month, it was announced that Jacobs had taken on the role as Diet Coke’s creative director for 2013. His can designs will arrive next month in 11 European markets. [WWD]

Giles Deacon for QVC: Conceptual English designer Giles Deacon has designed a 15-piece jewelry collection for QVC. He’ll take to the airwaves in the UK on March 10 before they roll out worldwide. The collection took two years to develop and is filled with the designer’s signature bright colors and historical references [ELLE UK]

Chanel Makeup Director Resigns: The man responsible for Chanel’s army of cult makeup products (nail polish included) has resigned. After a five-year tenure, Peter Philips has stepped down from his title as creative director of Chanel makeup. He’ll now serve in a contributing artist role. [Vogue UK]