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Alice Aycock at Andrea Rosen Is The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

The Daily Pic: In a show called "Cell Block", the New York artist builds us a dungeon.

(Courtesy Alice Aycock and Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York)

Alice Aycock must be one of the most neglected almost-famous artists of recent times. This is a 1975 drawing called “Project for Five Wells Descending a Hillside: Oblique Section”, from a group show called “Cell Block II” that’s been curated by Robert Hobbs for the new Andrea Rosen project space in New York. I’d never thought of incarceration as a notable theme in Aycock’s work, which can often seem more expansive than constricting, but Hobbs’s show seems to make that shoe fit. Of course, almost any architectural enclosure – a specialty of Aycock’s – can speak about incarceration. Our buildings inherently lock us away.

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