dirty harry

All just tittle-tattle?

Is a rearguard action being mounted by the palace?

The father of one of Prince Harry's closest friends has gone on radio to defend Harry. Its hard to imagine that Alex van Straubenzee, whose son Tom has known the prince since childhood, would take to the airwaves without approval from HQ.

Interviewed on BBC radio's The World at One, he said said that the prince is "a very easy target" for the press.

"More than anything he is a British soldier. He has a very, very good qualification in the job he does for the Army and I think this is what people will look at."

He said the current "tittle-tattle" will blow over.

Last year the prince drove to the aid of Thomas van Straubenzee, who was mugged on a London street as he spoke to the prince on a mobile phone.