Full Frontal

American Apparel Mannequins Now Feature Pubic Hair

The controversial retailer has given the mannequins in one of its New York City stores a makeover...just in time for Valentine's Day.

Controversial retailer American Apparel has, of course, put itself in the middle of a great debate, this time regarding female public hair. The East Houston Street store in New York City unveiled its new window display last week, featuring not one, not two, but three models, all showing off their full bush through skimpy pieces of white, see-through lingerie.

No stranger to provocativity and scandal, American Apparel has a track record of creating inappropriate clothing and advertisements that have featured everything from topless women, underage girls, suggestive poses, and an un-groomed bottom half. Yet, never before has the store gone so far as to slap faux-pubes onto its plastic mannequins.

Is American Apparel making a feminist statement, showing that women should be proud to rock some hair down there, or is this just another one of Dov Charney and his team's provocative moves? Dee Myself, the store's district visual manager told The Observer that the mannequins "bring rawness and newness to a holiday thought of as a romantic Hallmark holiday...by exploiting the lust of Valentine's Day." So really, this may just be Charney's way of being romantic. [Gothamist]