Time to Grow Up

An Idea for Our Conservative Friends

Okay, conservative readers: It's time to grow up now, please.

First, in 2008, back at the Guardian, you told me what an inexperienced loser Obama was, in addition to all the more nefarious things, and how there was no chance on earth he'd ever beat Hillary.

Then he did, and you said well, those Democrats are insane anyway, but now it's a general, and that man will never be elected president.

After he won, you said that was a fluke and aberration, and he was doomed to be a failure and a one-termer, and I was in dreamland if I even began to think otherwise.

And now here we are, the morning after quite frankly an easy reelection. The race wasn't always easy, of course, but the margin was. Eight of nine battleground states. Won the popular vote by nearly two percent. Won. Going. Away.

And now I'm sure you'll have a list of other excuses. I'm sure Fox and Friends is providing a list of them now.

Here's an idea. Why don't you consider accepting the notions that: he is legitimately the president; that your party is right now, for whatever reason, a minority party (actually, I'd be interested in seeing you all debate the whys and wherefores of that, and by "debate" I don't mean deciding whether it's the media's fault or Nate Silver's); that the economy is in fact improving, and you might as well now cheer for it to improve, cheer every job; and that your party has some soul-searching to do, and that does mean just nominating a "true conservative" next time.

It'd be nice to hear sincere, self-critical reflections from you instead of the usual bombast. America rejects you, rejects your view of Obama, rejects your policies. Are you ready to grow up now and have real conversations about the substance of things?