Ann Coulter: RINO?!--David Frum

Ann Coulter seems to be continuing her flirtations with RINOism. First she defended Romneycare. Now she is taking on the Conservative Pundit-Fox News-Complex. Here is the latest heresy from Coulter, courtesy of Jeff Poor:

“And just a more corporate problem is I think our party and particularly our movement, the conservative movement, does have more of a problem with con men and charlatans than the Democratic Party,” she said. “I mean, the incentives seem to be set up to allow people — as long as you have a band of a few million fanatical followers, you can make money. The Democrats have managed to figure out how not to do that.

She cited Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean as examples where despite having a loyal following, Democrats haven’t honored him with even an MSNBC show.

“No, no, no — you embarrass us and drag this thing out, you are finished in the Democratic Party,” she said.

It's true! Michele Bachmann has a book. Herman Cain and Sarah Palin still get to speak at CPAC. Failing upwards is quite common among conservatives and makes it harder for the movement to have space for competent leaders. Coulter was prompted to give this answer after sarcastically noting it is ex-governor Sarah Palin who seems to be most eager to have a brokered convention despite not actually being a candidate for President.

I know many of the commentators will think that Coulter is throwing a giant stone from a glass house, but I would point out that Coulter has never pretended to run for office. It's one thing to be Fox News entertainer. It's even worse to transform from being an elected official into an entertainer.