If Rush Says It's OK...

Another Profile in Mittens Courage

Brave Mr. Romney, calling on Akin to withdraw--but only after Limbaugh does it first!

This one is unreal. You'll recall that when the Akin story broke, Romney conspicuously stopped short on calling on Akin to withdraw. Then Mitch McConnell did, then this one did, then that one did, until it seemed almost every major Republican in the country was demanding that Akin get out of the race except for the party's standard bearer.

What was up with that? Finger in the wind as usual. "Gotta appeal to independents, but my gosh golly gumsticks, I can't offend the base..." So what happened next?

Rush Limbaugh finally called on Akin to get out of the race around 3 yesterday afternoon. And sometime after that, the Romney campaign released a statement saying the same.

The man is a joke. Who's the leader of that party? And what kind of president of the United States will such a man be, who waits for green lights from Rush Limbaugh before taking "bold stands"? This one episode, this single example of Romney in action, should be heralded far and wide by the DNC. It, by itself, should disqualify him for high office in the minds of serious independent voters.