Anthony Scaramucci Blasts Leakers Over Trump Aide’s McCain Insult: ‘This Was a Hit Job’

The former White House communications director guested on ‘The Opposition’ and railed against White House leakers, as is his wont.

Comedy Central

Anthony Scaramucci—aka The Mooch, aka the guy who said Steve Bannon sucks his own dick—has never seen a television camera he didn’t like, which may explain his decision to appear on Comedy Central’s The Opposition on Monday night.

The Opposition sees host Jordan Klepper embody a deranged paranoiac à la Alex Jones, and thus, similar to Stephen Colbert’s Report persona, provides a meta-mockery of conservatism.

“My opponent tonight is former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci,” Klepper announced at the top of his program.

And before long, the man with the 11-day tenure as comms director appeared opposite Klepper, who began by prodding him on Trump aide Kelly Sadler’s recent comment about Sen. John McCain (“he’s dying anyway”). Sadler is said to have phoned McCain’s daughter (and The View co-host) Meghan to apologize for the slight, and during that call promised to also issue a public apology—something she’s so far failed to do.

“That’s rough. I mean, obviously that’s an inappropriate thing to say,” said Mooch. “I have no idea why she’s not apologizing in public, but it would be a good idea for her to do that.”

“The White House has got a bunch of leakers in there,” Mooch continued. “This was a hit job on Kelly Sadler… Hopefully they won’t fire Kelly. She’s great at her job, she’s been great to the president, and she’s not a leaker, by the way.”

Leak or not, it was a terrible thing to say—something that all this focus on leaking is meant to obscure—and the fact that Sadler hasn’t apologized publicly for it, presumably because such an action would look weak in the eyes of our callous president, is unconscionable.

As far as all the leaking goes, Klepper wondered if the rot starts at the top. “Do you point blame at the environment Donald Trump’s creating? John Kelly?” he asked.

“A lot of these guys got into the White House, they were astonished that the president won,” said Scaramucci, before refusing to name the leakers when pressed. “If you showed me the roster, I could pick out the leakers, and I could put [two and two together]. You don’t have to be Carrie Mathison from Homeland to figure it out.” 

He added: “The culture got set up that way by Reince Priebus. He flooded the place with Never Trumpers, he flooded the place with RNC people that don’t like the president, and so now they’re going after the president 18 months into the presidency. And so it’s nonsensical, and those people either need to stop and there needs to be a forcible change in culture, or they need to be removed. It’s that simple.”

Of course Scaramucci, if you recall, was once a Never Trumper. Prior to the 2016 election, Mooch tweeted that he hoped Hillary Clinton would be the next president and fired off (before later deleting) several anti-Trump tweets. He then endorsed Scott Walker, followed by Jeb Bush, followed by a brief Marco Rubio flirtation, before finally landing on Trump.