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Apple’s Steve Jobs Memorial Service: Watch Video of 5 Moving Moments

Steve Jobs’s friends and colleagues paid tribute to the American visionary at a private memorial service one week after he died—and now Apple has placed video online for all his fans to watch. Watch video of the most poignant moments. Plus read about Walter Isaacson’s authorized bio of Steve Jobs.

Tim Cook: What Steve Jobs Taught Me

When Steve Jobs offers words of advice, it’s a good idea to listen. Apple CEO Tim Cook began the private memorial service for Apple’s employees by sharing some of the most notable words of wisdom his friend and mentor said to him over the years. Watch as Cook recalls “the largest lesson I learned from Steve.”

Apple’s Greatest Ad: Narrated by Steve Jobs

It’s one of Apple’s most memorable ads, known as "The Crazy Ones" and narrated by actor Richard Dreyfuss. But there’s more behind the ad than just that: Jobs recorded an alternate version in his own voice, bringing the ultimate personal touch to the words he wrote himself. In one of the most emotional moments from the memorial service, Cook played the audio for the first time in public.

Norah Jones’s ‘Forever Young’ Tribute

Before Apple there was no iTunes, and before iTunes the entire music industry was, well, different. But that didn’t stop Norah Jones from taking to the stage to sing a tribute to Jobs, whom she described as “very kind” and a “music lover.” Watch as she channels her best Bob Dylan with “Forever Young.”

Al Gore on Jobs’s Greatest Influence

Out all the possibilities, what is Steve Jobs’s greatest creation? Al Gore shared his own personal favorite creation with the crowd. Watch as he marvels in the world Jobs built, and offers advice for moving forward with the ideals of innovation.

Steve Jobs Fixed Coldplay’s Computer

You know you’re living a charmed life when Steve Jobs personally fixes your computer. In the case of Coldplay’s Chris Martin, that’s what happened (although it seems human error may have played a large role). The band performed several songs in Jobs’s honor, and offered humorous anecdotes about their friendship through the years.

The Jobs Memorial in Full

The private memorial for Steve Jobs was held at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., and broadcast to Apple employees around the country. Now the company has decided to publish the event and placed the entire service online for all to watch. You can see the full memorial here.