Ashley Judd Appears on ‘Nightly News’ to Address Her Viral Article

After her article for The Daily Beast went viral earlier in the week, actress Ashley Judd appeared on NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ to address the topic of media and its coverage of the appearance of women.

Ashley Judd appeared on NBC’s Nightly News on Wednesday night to talk about The Daily Beast article she penned earlier in the week addressing the media’s coverage of her “puffy” appearance. “I want people to share their puffy-face moment,” Judd said of addressing the issue after her article went viral on the Web. “I think what happened to me is very common. It might look a little different than other people’s lives because they might not be public figures, but we all go through it.”

The star was candid about the personal pain she had gone through in dealing with press coverage of her appearance, and swatted away the idea that Hollywood mainstays should be held to a different standard. “I don’t think being a public figure makes it legitimate to criticize people the way they are currently criticized in this cultural climate,” she said.

Watch the video here: