Azadeh Moaveni has reported on Iran for Time magazine and other publications since 1999. She is the author of Lipstick Jihad, the co-author of Shirin Ebadi’s memoir Iran Awakening, and most recently, Honeymoon in Tehran.

The Iranian mother of two sentenced to death by stoning may be saved by an unlikely hero—Brazil's president. Shirin Ebadi, Iran’s Nobel peace laureate, talks to Azadeh Moaveni about Lula’s strange offer.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad overshadowed opposition protests by declaring Iran a nuclear state Thursday. But Azadeh Moaveni says reformers should also beware of strong global foes—from exiled Iranians to Western pundits, Arab states to Al Jazeera.

Neda's death has inspired many women to fight, though it has left others despondent. Either way, women in Iran have been practicing for this struggle for years, says Azadeh Moaveni.