Michael Hastings is a regular contributor to GQ and the author of I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story. He wrote The Runaway General for Rolling Stone.

Iraq's elections have given Ayad Allawi a narrow victory. Michael Hastings on the steps he'll need to take if he's to have any hope of governing effectively.

Sara Allawi Sara Allawi was studying in London when she decided to board a plane for Iraq—and help her dad try to reclaim the prime minister's job. Michael Hastings conducts her first on-the-record interview.

As militants step up the violence ahead of Sunday’s elections, American officials predict a bright democratic future for Iraq. Don’t believe the hype. Michael Hastings on the ominous signs of a return to darker days.

Netroots wizard Joe Trippi is one of a group of American campaign consultants descending on Baghdad in hopes of shaping the March elections and the shape of politics to come.