Azealia's Condom Controversy

Azealia Banks has posed for the new cover of British fashion magazine Dazed & Confused. It only hit newsstands today -- but it's already causing a stir.

Word got out last week that the cover had been banned in seven countries – and no one really knew why. (The Dazed people seemed proud of it). Well, now we can take a pretty good guess: the cover depicts the singer blowing up/ sucking a giant red condom. This image -- and even the idea of this image -- is apparently scandalous enough.

There's a funny thing that happens with banned magazine covers: when people get a whiff of censorship, they go crazy, and, online at least, the banned image spreads like wildfire. That's what happened with Andrej Pejic's cover of Dossier Journal last year. The cover, which depicted the androgynous model shirtless, got put in a poly-bag because it was sexually confusing. But, because it was "censored," it got more attention than it ever would have in the first place. Then, Barnes & Noble denied having requested the polybag. And then the entire thing looked like a stunt.