Bachmann: Gays Would Legalize Child Rape

The evidence shows quite the contrary, not that facts would stop the hate-spewing soon-to-be-former congresswoman.

Mary Calvert / Reuters

Michele Bachmann—the Republican congresswoman from Minnesota and tea-party darling who served as one of the main inspiration for season five of HBO’s True Blood —has a well-recorded history of saying outrageous, wrong things. During an interview on the “Faith & Liberty” radio show on Wednesday, Bachmann accused gay rights activists and their allies of this form of tyranny.

"They want to abolish age-of-consent laws, which means…we would do away with statutory rape laws so that adults will be able to freely prey on little children sexually. That’s the deviance that we’re seeing embraced in our culture today.”

It should go without saying, but there is no evidence that this is true. In fact, the Internet is full of examples of prominent gay-rights activists opposing child rape.

Bachmann, who will not be back for another term in 2015, has been saying stuff like this for quite some time now. There is little reason to believe she’ll be halting her crusade against alleged gay bullies once out of office.