‘Bad Lip Reading’ from Inauguration Day Reveals What Trump and Obama Really Said

This just might be the best use of ‘Bad Lip Reading’ yet.


After a year of covering presidential debates and political conventions, the “Bad Lip Reading” video series just uncovered its best target yet: Donald Trump’s inauguration.

While those previous events did not explicitly require lip reading, this one did. That’s because throughout the day, viewers were treated to private-in-public scenes between the outgoing and incoming administrations without the benefit of hearing what they were actually saying to each other.

But now, thanks to the invaluable “Bad Lip Reading” technology, we know that Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama pretzels and that Donald Trump and Barack Obama traded passive-aggressive insults while smiling for the cameras outside the White House. “You suuuuuck,” Obama says under his breath at one point.

The video also reveals Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush’s secret plan to “squeeze” President Trump and what Obama told Vice President Mike Pence after he took the oath of office: “You look depressed.”

And we finally find out what Donald and Melania talk about when they are dancing alone. It isn’t pretty.