Paws Up

Battle of the Giant Furry Mittens: Wang v. Altuzarra

Two runways on Saturday featured fur fur boxing gloves.

If there were ever clothes that spoke to a crowd, it was the Alexander Wang collection on Saturday night. The fashion flock arrived bundled up, booted, and in various layers of fur as they arrived at the Cunard Building in the financial district for Wang's show. There, under the painted arched ceilings, the show began with a remixed version of "Eye of the Tiger," a proper introduction to a long line of furs. And it was fur of every variety: brushed mohair, alpaca, ponyhair, and astrakhan. Wang said he was looking at boxing for the collection -- hence the giant arms and fur mittens the size of boxings gloves -- which, he explained, was a "reaction" to the "graphic slickness and flat angularity" of his last collection.

At Joseph Altuzarra's show a few hours later, similar enormous mittens were spotted on the runway -- this time with shrunken leather jackets and thin, peg-leg pants.