Beast Best Awards: The Daily Beast Picks the Best of the Web

They’re informative, entertaining, edifying, and some will even make you a better parent. Meet the Internet’s most alluring sites.

Content is a brutal, tireless king—especially online. There’s always more to read, more apps to download, more shopping to be done with the click of a mouse. To abate the overload, The Daily Beast created its first list of the best destinations on the Web.

It’s a diverse and exciting roundup, including the best Tumblrs, the top-notch sports sites, the coolest parenting blogs, and the apps that will make your life better—82 sites in all.

Below, a peek at the full list:

The Creatives

From the oddly appealing style of Menswear Dog, to the beauty of the photos on NPR’s The Picture Show, to the refreshing community of readers and writers using Medium, these are some of the great online destinations for original creations.

The Conversationalists

Sites that foster conversation and community with a flair for storytelling include Dinner: A Love Story, for parents who can cook in spite of themselves, the photo blog AbandonedNYC, and Makers.com, which narrates the lives of successful women through original videos and stories.

The Utilitarians

These are the people who devote their lives to keeping you informed and engaged. Consider the inimitable Dave Weigel on politics, Into the Gloss for beauty trends, and Nah Right for more than you ever thought you’d want to know about hip-hop.

Click here for the full list.