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Ben Affleck & More Stars Live on $1.50 a Day for Poverty Vow (PHOTOS)

Ben Affleck sent the media aflutter with a recent tweet promising to only eat $1.50’s worth of food per day for five days, as part of the Live Below the Line initiative led by the Global Poverty Project. The organization hopes the challenge—which takes place April 29 to May 3, but can be started at any time—will raise awareness that 1.4 billion people are living below the extreme poverty line, an estimated $1.50 per day in the U.S., a figure from the World Bank. The Global Poverty Project reported on their website that more than 15,000 people joined the cause last year and raised over $3 million, enlisting the help of celebrities like Minka Kelly and Kevin Connolly. See which other celebrities have supported the charity!