Huge News If Accurate

Benghazi Arrest and Killing

The arrest of one Benghazi suspect and killing of another--pretty big news, no?

I remember when a British paper reported on Oct. 3 that a suspect in the Benghazi attack had been arrested in Turkey. Everyone was fixated on that night's debate, but I tweeted, "uh, isn't this kind of a big deal?" Then nothing happened for a while, and of course people had other things to think about.

Now that suspect is detained in Tunisia. According to CBS News, the FBI has not yet been given access to him, but at the same time he's not going anywhere. Another suspect was killed in Egypt by police after neighbors called them to report the presence of a suspicous man who kept arms in his apartment.

I chuckled when Obama said we'd bring these people to justice, but if this report is accurate, this is in fact happening. One has already met "justice," thanks to regular Cairenes and the police. The other was detained in Turkey and extradited to Tunisia, where he is being held. I would think this alone is a story of successful cooperation among allies.

Yes, yes, the cables. What do they prove? You mean they prove that we knew from jump street that it was an act of terror, which is what Obama called it the next day anyway? There's still the question of why the DNI intel was so different and wasn't settled until the 18th at the earliest.

I'd think the arrest of one suspect and the killing of another is a pretty big deal, and I wonder how long it will take before Obama can start talking about this and cut a commercial.