Best Business Longreads for the Week of August 24, 2013.

From prison commissaries in “Orange Is the New Black” to Steve Case’s second act, The Daily Beast brings you the best in business journalism from the week of August 24, 2013.

Steve Case’s Second Life as DC’s Favorite Businessman

Nick Summers – Bloomberg Businessweek

Washington, as well as many tech start-ups, can’t get enough of former AOL CEO Steve Case. His name is constantly in the news for trying to bring the GOP and Democrats together on economic issues. Of course, it’s often forgotten that Case was one of the forces behind the biggest disaster in mergers history.

How India Got Its Funk

The Economist

For the past few years Americans have listened as analysts trumpeted the end of American economic hegemony and the rise of BRIC nations. Over the past few months however, many up and coming economies have stumbled -- and none more so than India.

Hollywood’s New Gold Mine: Youku Tudou

Clifford Coonan – The Hollywood Reporter

160 million. That’s how many views AMC’s The Walking Dead got in China. The reason? The Chinese video outlet Youku Tudou has allowed Hollywood to tap into the gold mine of China’s internet market.

Orange Is the New Green

Adam Davidson – New York Times Magazine

“Orange Is the New Black” is the latest binge-inducing obsession to hit Netflix. One of the strangest parts of the show, is the power the commissary has over inmates lives. Adam Davidson takes a look at this little corner of the real estate market – the prison commissary.