Best of Invisible Obama: Twitter Strikes Back, #Eastwooding Begins

Are you #Eastwooding? See highlights of the unseen ‘presidential’ comeback to Clint’s RNC speech & more.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Clint Eastwood’s now-infamous speech at the Republican National Convention included a dialogue—or rather monologue—with an empty chair. The idea was that he was addressing an invisible President Obama, who the actor and director was both conducting a (one-sided) interview with and giving a bit of a lecture. Within moments, a new Twitter account popped up called @InvisibleObama to record and parody the incident. Here are the anonymous user’s best tweets, followed by the new sensation known as “Eastwooding.”

Sometime overnight, Twitter deleted the account. But by Friday morning, the account was reinstated. Here’s the first tweet after @InvisibleObama’s absence:

Predictably, @InvisibleObama wasn’t the only Twitter user having fun with the creepy event. Ben Smith of Buzzfeed snapped a pic of The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza interview of an invisible Barack:

Not to be outdone, Chris Geidner got an exclusive with the whole (invisible) Obama family:

Also, the hashtag #Eastwooding quickly sprang up. Similar to planking, Eastwooding is when you angrily and accusatorially point at an empty chair.

Even the president had a response: