That Was Fast

Beyoncé Debuts A New Blonde Bob

Just a week after her pixie cut took the world by storm, the singer has debuted a new blonde bob. A friend tells Allison Samuels there are more changes to come.

We all knew it was coming -- but not quite this soon. Just a week and a few days after Beyoncé debuted her ultra chic pixie cut via Instagram (which practically shut down the Internet) the 31-year old stepped out in Miami on Thursday with a longer, blonder bob. Dressed down in jean shorts and white a t-shirt for lunch with friends, the singer wore her new hair with a gold headband.

“Listen, Beyoncé is having fun with her hair and her life,’’ says a close friend of Beyoncé. “Changing hair is like changing lipstick or eye shadow for her. I think she gets a kick out of how much the press talks about it. She thinks it’s very funny.’’

The friend added that Beyoncé’s fans should expect more changes in the coming weeks.

The added hair appears to be a mini-weave, probably involving clip-on tracks. "This is a girl who's mom was a hairdresser," the friend said. "She knows exactly how to add or subtract hair for any style she wants, whenever she wants it."

“Her birthday is around the corner and she’s probably going to do something else with her hair to shock you,’’ said the friend. “She loves the idea of reinventing herself in small ways. That’s her creative mind always at work.’’

The Houston native turns 32-years on September 4th, and is currently in Miami for Jay Z’s tour with Justin Timberlake.