Bill Clinton Takes Over Press Conference After Obama Leaves

After a White House pow-wow Friday afternoon, President Obama and Bill Clinton joined forces for a rare, spontaneous press conference together. Though the goal was to bring attention to the tax deal—Clinton vowed his support for the plan—the former president got more than he bargained for when President Obama left him to fly solo at the podium.

J. Scott Applewhite

President Obama Leaves Clinton at the Altar

Midway through a press conference to discuss the tax deal that would extend Bush tax cuts through the new year, President Obama made it clear that he had urgent matters to attend to and left Bill Clinton to preside over the press corps. The important business? A holiday party with the first lady Michelle, who he'd kept waiting for "over half an hour." But the former president had no problem running the show for the remainder, where he brought attention back to the original draw of the conference: Urging Democrats to cooperate.