Billy Eichner Proves Gay People Don’t ‘Care’ About John Oliver

In his latest ‘Billy on the Street’ segment, the host asks gay men if they care about John Oliver.


Billy Eichner had no problem getting random people on the street to agree to a threesome with Jon Hamm. But when, in his latest Billy on the Street segment, the comedian host asked gay men if they care about John Oliver, he was met with mostly blank stares.

With the host of Last Week Tonight by his side, Eichner ran around the streets of Manhattan approaching men to first ask, “Are you gay?” and then, “Do you care about John Oliver?” Most did not notice that the man he was asking about was standing in front of them and were quick to reply with some version of no.

When Oliver himself explained that he has a show about the news on HBO and that “being on once a week really allows us to get into more depth,” they simply weren’t interested. Even those who did seem mildly excited to meet him admitted that they liked Wendy Williams more.

The bit wasn’t quite as cruel as the one where Eichner fooled New Yorkers into thinking Seth Rogen was dead, judging their reactions before surprising them with Rogen in the flesh, but it was close.