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Blind Whino Mural and Artist Space in Washington, D.C.

Blind Whino is a truly awe-inspiring mural and a space that is championing art while revitalizing a Washington, D.C. community.

Within your own backyard lies adventure that will transport you to a place that feels miles from home. So leave your passport behind and start exploring The Nearest Faraway Place.

Shane Pomojambo worked in art in Washington, D.C. for years, but he wanted to do more than own a gallery - he wanted to build an artist community. So he started Blind Whino, a non-profit and event space geared toward cultural community service for the arts. And it started with a church’s incredible transformation.

“The building we have here in Blind Whino is 140 years old,” says Pmojambo as he gives The Daily Beast a tour. “It was abandoned for about 13 years and in disarray. By painting the building and making it a wonderful piece of art, it’s really become a destination.”

In this installment of The Nearest Faraway Place, presented by Land Rover Discovery, see the other-worldly Blind Whino space and see the work of some of Washington, D.C.’s coolest artists.