‘Blow Your Balls Off’ Senate Candidate Wants to Give Away a Free Car

Long-shot Bob Quast will do almost anything to win the Democratic nomination.

The "blow your balls off” candidate is back with another campaign commercial, called “#winaDINO"

Bob Quast, 44, is a long-shot primary candidate for the U.S. Senate from Iowa. According to LinkedIn, he is also president of Custom Limousines & Exotic Cars, Inc. where he rents out “very expensive high-end limousines.” Quast is using his experience in the car rental business to appeal to voters with his latest ad.

“Iowa, if I win this election, I’m going to blow your mind and give away a free car,” Quast says, promising to give away his campaign car, a 2014 Chevy Spark. “Please go to for details and all that attorney mumbo-jumbo.”

Quast is running on the issue of passing Lynette’s Law, which would make it a federal crime to cross state lines to conceal a murder. Quast’s older sister was brutally murdered by her husband in 1999.

Initially, Quast tried to run as a Democrat, but failed to get enough signatures to get onto the ballot. In this latest commercial, Quast is advertising the fact that he is a DINO (Democrat In Name Only) and he is encouraging voters to register as Democrats and write his name in on the ballot. The presumptive Democratic nominee is Rep. Bruce Braley, a four-term congressman from northeast Iowa.

On his website, Quast says he is serious “as a heart attack” about giving away his car, “so long as doing so doesn’t violate nay existing law, rule, regulation, or other work of the nation’s busy attorneys or lawmakers,” because he “doesn’t want to occupy the prison cell vacated by his sister’s killer.”

Quast says any Iowan who is registered to vote by Nov. 4 2014, who goes to and submits the required personal info is eligible to win his car.

Buying votes is a crime punishable by up to five years imprisonment. But raffling off gifts in exchange for website signups is, somehow, perfectly legal.

Greg Brophy, a candidate for governor in Colorado is raffling off guns in exchange for website signups. The New York Times reported Thursday that “online gun sweepstakes have become one of the most useful tools for campaign outreach in 2014 Republican primaries.”

Quast’s ad closes with a shot of him inside a stretch limo with his dog Mr. Bentley, wearing a plaid blazer. “You stay classy, Iowa.”

You too, Bob Quast.