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Bombs in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, a bus bomb killed seven young Israelis and injured at least 20 more.It’s an awful sight. And this is not the first time Israelis in Bulgaria have been targeted by terror. Some speculate that today’s bomb was the work of Hezbollah.That would seem to make some sense given the recent Hezbollah attempts to target Israelis in Cyprus. Suspicions that it was a suicide bomb are based on witnesses at the scene who saw someone board the bus immediately before it exploded.The Washington Institute tweeted “Suspected in Bulgaria bombing, could #Hezbollah strike inside US? Levitt says it has capacity.” And so, on the 18th anniversary of Hezbollah’s deadly AMIA suicide bombing of Argentina’s Jewish community center in 1994 that left 85 dead, it looks like the recent era of relative freedom from anti-Israel terror might be ending, sadly.