Book of Mormon Sweeps Tonys: Newsweek on America's Mormon Moment

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly “having a moment.” There are 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney, and his Mormon cousin, Jon Huntsman Jr.; the Senate is led by Mormon Harry Reid; Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series of vampire novels have sold over 100 million copies; conservative pundit and LDS member, Glenn Beck, is heating up the radio airwaves; and of course, The Book of Mormon, from the creators of South Park and Avenue Q, became Broadway’s official smash hit of 2011 at Sunday's Tony Awards, winning nine of the 14 awards for which it received nominations.

“Those inclined to think of Mormons as a band of zealots bent on amending the Constitution to outlaw cappuccino may never be convinced,” Walter Kirn with McKay Coppins, Andrew Romano, and David A. Graham write in NEWSWEEK. “But the rest of us might benefit from hearing the country’s most prominent and influential Mormons tell the truth about their faith: that the distinctiveness of the Mormons is actually the secret of their success.”

Read more in the most recent issue of Newsweek—whose cover features Romney's head on the body of a cast member from the Tony Award-winning play.