No, It's Not Photoshopped

Branson On THAT Naked Kiteboarding Photo

Richard Branson today reposted the celebrated picture of him kiteboarding with naked model Denni Parkinson clinging to his back, and we saw no reason not to do the same

Sir Richard Branson recently let it be known that he has made the move to Necker Island a full-time one—and after seeing these pictures, few will be in a position to blame him.

For here the multi-millionaire entrepreneur is pictured very much enjoying the high life as he kiteboards through the sparkling ocean waters with a nubile blonde clinging to his back.

It will have escaped the attention of few people that the lady perched on his back is naked.

The pictures were first taken in 2009, but Sir Richard reposted them today in connection with some other pictures taken of him kiteboarding with professional kiteboarder Susi Mai—who saw the pictures and suggested they could 'do better' (we hasten to add that Miss Tai kept her clothes on). So we saw no reason not to do the same.

Sir Richard explained the genesis of the photos, saying that a photographer asked him if his model girlfriend—named Denni Parkinson—could go for a kiteboard with him, while not wearing any clothes.

"I'd be delighted," replied Branson. "I am an English knight so, a lady in distress, I'd be happy to help…it became one of those classic pictures that went round the world. I do remember as I was coming in, catching my wife's eyes as she was standing on the beach…oops!"