Brit Marling: Sundance "It" Girl

How a Goldman Sachs intern became the talk of this year's festival.

An economics major and an internship at Goldman Sachs as the path to Sundance? For Brit Marling, who stars and co-wrote not one but two films premiering here (Another Earth and Sound of My Voice), and who’s been tagged as one of this year’s “It” girls.

Just a few summers ago, the blonde, ethereal actress was studying economics at Georgetown University, which led to a summer on Wall Street. This led to disillusionment, which led to dropping out of school and moving to Cuba. Which led to making a documentary (Boxers and Ballerinas) with a friend from school. Which led to going back to school, graduating, and moving to L.A. Which led to more disillusionment.

“The things I would go read for, as a young, unknown actor, were pretty awful,” Marling said yesterday, curled up on a sofa, wearing a clingy floral dress and leather boots. “And people keep telling you, ‘Just do this stuff,’ this, like, horror film where you’re the girl in the bikini running from the man with the axe.”

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