Business Longreads for the Week of October 19, 2013

From the decline of America’s most famous tabloids to the uproar over the giant Pacific octopus, The Daily Beast brings you the best in business journalism from the week of October 19, 2013.

Post Mortem: A (Somewhat Premature) Newspaper Autopsy

Steve Fishman – New York

With its eye-catching front pages, racy coverage, and general attitude, theNew York Post has come to symbolize New York City and the tabloid world it engenders. Now with the News Corp. decision to spin off papers on their own, some see the end nearing for the money-losing daily.

The Octopus That Almost Ate Seattle

Marnie Hanel – New York Times Magazine

Sometimes our conscience and stomach don’t see eye to eye. In the spring of 2013, Seattle, a city with a reputation for being environmentally conscious, went into an uproar after a video was posted of giant Pacific octopus being hunted. At the same time, one of the most popular dishes at one of the most popular restaurants was – octopus salad.

What’s Their Secret Sauce?

Thomas Heath – Washington Post

This company tracks consumers as they go through their daily lives, and helps companies make little changes based on that data (like choosing the most successful Victoria’s Secret model). Its office has Star Wars Lego models and game rooms, and recently attracted a large investment from Goldman Sachs. Another Silicon Valley success story? Nope. Applied Predictive Technologies is based in unfashionable suburban Ballston, Virginia.

The Tequila Curse

Ted Genoways - Bloomberg Business Week

Tequila, the Mexican spirit made from the agave plant, can be found in bars around the world. North America in particular seems to love the drink -- sales are nearly triple what they were in 1995. And yet as mass production has left tequila lovers concerned about qaulity and the land vulnerable to an ecological disaster, some are asking: Is it too much?