Royal Co-Incidence

Charles and Camilla Delivered By Same Ob-Gyn

Here is a hitherto little-known fact; Prince Charles and his wife Camilla both delivered by the same guy.

Prince Charles made the curious revelation on an official visit yesterday to the King's Hospital in Camberwell, south London, where as he told patients, "My darling wife was born here," adding, "Amazingly we had the same gynecologist and nurse."

On November 14 1948 – a year after Camilla was born at King's - Charles was delivered by the Queen obstetrician, Sir William Gilliat, who worked at King's, in the more rarefied surroundings of Buckingham Palace.

As well as looking around the teaching hospital, the duchess was also shown around the Haven Center, which is one of three centers in London that help around 140 victims, including men and children, who have been victims of sexual assault.

Camilla was shown sample wash bags which contained shampoo, conditioner and cosmetics from companies including Marks & Spencer's and Champney’s, 750 of which are currently being handed to people seeking help from the Haven rape crisis centers in London.

Staff said that they had previously attempted to put together the wash bags for victims of sexual assault but it was only when Camilla came on board that they were able to get sponsors to agree to participate in the scheme.

Camilla said, after seeing the bags, "You can't change what happened but you can make the journey better," reports the Daily Mail.