Charlie Sheen’s Racist Obama Rant: ‘Barry Satera Kenya’

The Wall Street and Two and a Half Men star blasted President Obama Thursday morning for filling out NCAA brackets on ESPN, calling him, ‘Barry Satera Kenya.’

The man formerly known as Carlos Irwin Estévez has put his foot firmly in his mouth again.

Early Thursday morning, the star of Platoon, Wall Street, and Two and a Half Men took to Twitter to vent his frustration with President Obama’s appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter. You see, Obama was engaging in his annual tradition of filling out the NCAA tourney bracket on live television—a practice that seems to irk millions of myopic Americans far more than, say, George W. Bush’s pre-9/11 staycation.

Sheen, as is his wont, tweeted the following racist gibberish directed at the commander-in-chief:

Yes, that is Sheen calling him “Barry Satera Kenya,” and accusing Obama of failing to attend a soldier’s funeral. That accusation, by the way, is a well-worn GOP myth—that the Obama administration failed to send any official representation to attend the funeral of Major General Harold Greene, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan. In reality, President Obama sent Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to attend the two-star general’s funeral service, but for God knows what reason GOP fanboys keep rehashing this bizarre myth.

This isn’t Sheen’s first brush with political crazy. He is an outspoken 9/11 truther who once requested a meeting with President Obama to discuss the reexamination of the 9/11 attacks. Sheen believes that the 9/11 attacks looked like a “controlled demolition” perpetrated by the Bush administration. The Sheenius has also ripped Obama on gun control, asking for a “fed-funded mandate” to place “armed protection” on campuses in the wake of several school shootings.And if all that weren’t enough, just yesterday The Hollywood Reporter published a portion of Sheen’s Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer’s memoir. In it, Cryer claims that Sheen would show him pictures of vaginas on his mobile phone, and procured him a prostitute in the wake of Cryer’s divorce—as well as another woman, “Stephanie,” who was also an ex-girlfriend of Sheen’s. Awkward.